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Ways of Eating Fruit Safely Without Endangering Your Gums and Teeth

Posted on 6/22/2015 by Truman Nielsen
Sliced citrus fruits that can harm tooth enamel with acid.Snacking has become one of the best past times for many people, which can be devastating to your health if those snacks are not healthy. Two of the healthiest snacks that you can eat are fruits and vegetables. Both of these can help your teeth stay strong, increase your movement, eyesight, and other wonderful boosts to your body's health. However, they can also be damaging to your teeth's enamel.

Dried Fruits

A lot of fruits have an extremely high amount of sugar, especially dried fruits such as bananas, pineapples, and apricots. There is also a sticky consistency found in dried fruits that when consumed can attach to your teeth and stay there for a while. When this bond forms, any sugars that were on the teeth from eating the dried fruits can be trapped and start to produce bacteria that can break down the enamel of your teeth. Once this enamel breaks down, the dentin found underneath can lead to a painful experience eating and drinking in the future.

Citrus Fruits

Limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruits are healthy to eat, but can be really bad for your teeth if you consume them in large amounts. Any type of citrus food or drink has high acidic levels in them. These levels can cause your tooth enamel to deteriorate. The best way to avoid having the acid break down the enamel is to rinse out your mouth with tap water or bottled water. Avoid using a toothbrush until at least an hour after you have eaten citrus fruits. Using one before then could damage the tooth's enamel and cause tooth decay to start.


Vegetables can be very beneficial with giving your body the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to survive. However, some vegetables can do severe damage to your pearly whites. Carrots are a great example of a vegetable that can help with your eye sight but can damage your teeth. Chewing on hard, crunchy carrots or other vegetables that are hard can break the enamel and cause your teeth to chip. To avoid this from happening, boil the vegetable to soften them. You are still taking in the nutrients and vitamins while making it safer for your teeth.

Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Your best bet to save on your tooth enamel is to purchase canned vegetables. Most of them are canned in water, which helps keep the veggie fresh. This water can be used to boil the vegetable or it can be eaten right out of the can. Canned fruit may not be as beneficial. Although it is canned, more than likely the juices surrounding it are high in sugar, some are even canned in a sugary substance for a sweeter taste upon eating. Always check the side of the can before buying it to make sure that it is indeed safe for consumption and your teeth.

No one should avoid fruits and vegetables, because they are needed to keep your body healthy and active. However, consuming too much of any one thing can be hazardous for your teeth and health. There are several things that you can do to make sure that you are eating the appropriate amount of each of these. One way is to keep track of your intake and make sure it is up to standard with how much you should intake on a daily basis.

Figuring out which fruits and veggies are best for your teeth can be difficult, but it is well worth knowing in the long run. If you have any concerns or questions regarding which fruits and vegetables are the best for you to eat, or other dental issues that you need consultation on, please contact our offices at (509) 822-2079.
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