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3 Ways Smoking is bad for your Oral Health

Posted on 8/15/2015 by Truman Nielsen
A dentist holding a broken cigarette showing that you need to quit smoking.We all know that smoking is bad for our physical health. It can put you at risk for various cancers and respiratory illnesses. What many people forget, however, is the damage that smoking also does to your dental health.

It can be just as damaging and even fatal if the habit is not stopped before any type of oral cancer is formed, as well as detrimental to the overall health of your mouth.

Gum Disease

There are numerous factors that could put you at risk for gum disease, but smoking is one of the worst. As a smoker, your gums are slow to heal, which means it is harder for your gums to fight the effects of bacteria that accumulate in greater amounts, thanks to your bad habit as well.

Tooth Decay

Because smoking causes an accumulation of bacteria in your mouth, it also puts you at risk for tooth decay. To make matters worse, if that tooth decay is not treated early on, it could spread into the roots of your teeth, making a root canal and dental crown necessary.

Discolored Teeth

Who wants to have yellow teeth that are impossible to get clean? Even teeth whitening may not help the damage that occurs as a result of smoking. If you are a long-term smoker, the tar will seep into the nooks and crannies in your teeth, making it your new permanent enamel color.

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