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Want to Stay Healthy? Get Your Teeth Cleaned!

Posted on 8/25/2015 by Truman Nielsen
A dentist cleaning a patients mouth during a routine dental exam.Getting your teeth cleaned is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy. That awesome feeling you get when you leave our office because your teeth feel excessively clean is just one of the benefits you receive.

By coming in for regular appointments you allow your mouth to be free from bacteria, plaque, and tartar, all of which contribute to gum disease. If you are able to keep your mouth free of these harmful particles, your mouth and body stay healthy.

Gum Disease and Physical Health

Many studies have proven that gum disease is directly correlated to a variety of physical health diseases including heart, respiratory, and even brain disorders. If you worry about having a heart attack, stroke, respiratory issues, or Alzheimer's disease, then you should keep up with your regular dental cleanings. Eliminating the plaque that could easily be passed through the bloodstream and into your major organs is one of the best ways to stay on top of your health.

Of course, proper oral hygiene at home and a healthy diet are essential to the proper functioning of your body as well. Your regular dental cleanings play a vital role, however, and should be a regular part of your routine. One hour out of your life every six months could potentially save your life. Isn't your life worth that short amount of time?

If you are ready for your dental cleaning, please call us for an appointment today! We will help you get your oral health back on track!
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