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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a non-removable device that Dr. Nielsen cements permanently into place, to replace a missing tooth. By using the neighboring teeth for support, a bridge is created placing a false tooth between two healthy teeth or implanted posts. At Fawson Dentistry we can restore function, and give you the look and feel of your natural teeth using a dental bridge.

What material is used to create a dental bridge?

You can rest assure that your dental bridge is strong and durable, allowing you to eat the foods that you normally would. The bridge most commonly used is made from metal that has porcelain fused over the top of it. This is known as a 'Traditional Bridge' but there are other varieties available based on your situation.

Dental Bridges are a highly durable, functional option and should last you many years with proper homecare; however, they may require replacement or need to be re-cemented by Dr. Nielsen due to normal wear. He will check the status of your bridge twice a year during your regular office checkup.

When would a Bridge be right for me?

We recommend dental bridges for patients who:
•  need to fill the space of a missing tooth, or multiple teeth, to stop further damage from occurring.
•  would like to maintain their facial shape, which is altered from losing teeth, due to bone atrophy.
•  are trying to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting to fill the place of the missing tooth.
•  would like to restore their chewing and speaking ability due to missing teeth.
•  restore the look of their smile.
•  want an upgrade from a removable partial denture to a permanent dental appliance.

What is the process to receiving a dental bridge?

The process to receive a bridge requires two or more office visits. When your teeth are numb, Dr. Nielsen will prepare the two anchoring teeth by removing enough of their enamel to allow for the placement of dental crowns. With your teeth prepared, he will create a mold of your teeth, which the dental lab will create a precise fit and design for the teeth needed to fill the space. While your permanent bridge is being fabricated, Dr. Nielsen will place a temporary bridge for your use. Approximately two weeks later, your new device will be ready, and you will be called in for placement.

Your second appointment will involve removing the temporary bridge, cleaning the area thoroughly, checking the new bridge for fit while making any necessary adjustments, and will then be cemented into place for a strong, permanent bond.

At the conclusion of your appointment, you will receive care instructions which will help you have the optimum use of your device.

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