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Composite Fillings

Man with Composite FillingsFillings are a great way to fill an area in your tooth that was affected by decay. They provide you with the ability to keep your natural tooth without restricting its function. Because amalgam fillings can be unsightly, many patients want to know what their options are for a more pleasing look with just as much function. The good news is that at Fawson Dentistry, we offer composite fillings for these situations!

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are tooth colored fillings, which means that no one will know that you have a filling at all! They are made from resin with bits of quartz or glass mixed in to give them the durability that is necessary to withstand normal chewing. The advantage of composite fillings is that less of your enamel needs to be removed in order to place the filling. This provides your tooth with even more stability and a better chance at lasting longer in your mouth.

How are composite fillings placed?

The placement of composite fillings is a simple process. Dr. Nielsen starts by eliminating the decay from your tooth. He can do this in one of two ways: using a drill or with air abrasion. The complexity of the decay will determine the method used. If there is a large amount of decay, the best method to remove it is with a drill. On the other hand, if the decay was caught before it got out of hand, air abrasion is the chosen method. Either way, your comfort is ensured through the use of anesthesia and our support staff. Once the decay is removed, we can then place the composite filling. The filling is placed in layers. In between each layer, we will use a special light that hardens the filling. If you need multiple layers, it only takes a few minutes in between each layer to complete the process.

Once the filling is placed, we will make sure that the area is properly shaped. This process starts after the filling is complete and hardened to provide your tooth with the most natural appearance. We will work with you to ensure your comfort and satisfaction with the appearance of the tooth to ensure that it blends in with the rest of your mouth.

Proper Care is Essential

At Fawson Dentistry, we want you to know that composite fillings can be fragile. This means that proper care should be taken to keep the area clean and to avoid foods that may stain the composite. In addition, you should avoid using your teeth for anything except chewing, as composite fillings can fracture rather easily if they are used recklessly. As long as proper oral hygiene, including brushing twice a day and flossing once; proper diet; plenty of water; and careful use of your teeth are performed, you will be able to have your composite fillings for many years to come.

At Fawson Dentistry we do whatever possible to help our patients retain their natural teeth even after trauma or decay. If you have questions about composite fillings, call us today!
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