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Digital X-rays
Digital X-Ray of molarsAt Fawson Dentistry, we want to emphasize the importance of dental x-rays. No matter how good your physical evaluation is by our dentist, there are things that the naked eye just cannot see. This means that dangerous conditions, such as tumors, excessive interior decay, bone loss, and impacted teeth could go overlooked. At Fawson Dentistry, we want to make sure that our patients get the x-rays that they need, which is why we offer digital x-rays for safety and comprehensive results.

What are the benefits of digital X-rays?

Digital x-rays provide our patients with a variety of benefits that standard x-rays cannot provide. First and foremost, digital x-rays emit a much lower amount of radiation than standard x-rays. This is a crucial benefit for many patients as the amount of radiation that a patient is exposed to can be detrimental to their overall health. This fact alone has caused many patients to decline necessary x-rays, allowing their oral health to take a back seat. Digital x-rays diminish that risk, allowing every patient to get the results they need to enhance their oral health.

A few other benefits that digital x-rays provide include:

•  Immediate results - Digital x-ray results are available instantaneously on a computer screen right in front of you. This allows our staff to discuss the results with you right away, making your treatment a team process that ensures a positive outcome.
•  Easier viewing - Digital x-rays are displayed on a computer, which makes them very easy to manipulate. As we look at the x-rays together, our staff can adjust the contrast, change the size, and zoom in on certain areas to ensure precise diagnosis and treatment.
•  Easier transferring - If your x-rays show a condition that we are not able to treat in our office and will need to be sent to a specialist, we can easily send your x-rays on to the specialist before you leave our office. Because they are on a computer, they are electronically transferred, making their way to the specialist immediately.

An easy process

Digital x-rays are simple to administer and are not much different than what you are already used to getting in our office. All that you will need is a small sensor placed inside your mouth to have the images taken. As an added precaution, we will still protect you with lead aprons to ensure your ultimate safety during any x-rays. The x-rays are taken quickly, decreasing the amount of time you must spend in our office.

Our patients love the digital x-rays that we are able to provide as they give them a comprehensive view of what is going on inside their mouth as well as the immediate results they desire. Of course, digital x-rays provide our patients with the level of safety that they desire as well, making them a top notch way to ensure that your mouth is in good health.

If you are ready for your next appointment, give us a call today! We will help you with your digital x-rays to ensure that your oral health is in great condition!

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