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Mouth Guards

Dentist with a mouth guardIf you grind your teeth, you are doing intense harm to your oral health. Not only does teeth grinding cause headaches, which it is commonly known to do, it can also cause many other issues that can cause lifelong problems for your oral and physical health. Regardless of the reason for your teeth grinding or the effects it has on your life, the one thing that every patient has in common is the need to wear a customized mouth guard to ensure the health of your teeth.

What does teeth grinding do?

Teeth grinding might seem like it will not cause much harm, but the effects can be detrimental. A few of the most common complaints we see in our office include:

•  Difficulty sleeping
•  Difficulty for a partner to sleep
•  Misaligned bite due to teeth that are worn down
•  Enamel that becomes weakened and easily chipped
•  Fillings that become loose or lost
•  Gum tissue that begins to recede
•  Fractured teeth

In the worst cases, tooth grinding can also cause a fracture of the root, which lies below the gum line. If this occurs, you will likely need a root canal and subsequent dental crown in order to strengthen the area.

How Mouth Guards Help

At Fawson Dentistry, we help our patients that suffer from teeth grinding with the assistance of mouth guards. The right mouth guard can help to keep the jaws apart. This means that the upper and lower jaw do not touch, no matter how hard you try to make them meet while sleeping. This layer of protection on your teeth helps to prevent the teeth from being ground down and causing any of the issues that can occur as discussed above.

Buying the Right Mouth Guard

The key to allowing a mouth guard to help your teeth grinding is to purchase the right one. At Fawson Dentistry, we emphasize the importance of purchasing a mouth guard from our office, rather than at the local drug store. While it might seem more convenient or less expensive to purchase a mouth guard at the store, it will not be made for your mouth. This one-size-fits-all mentality does not work for everyone. If it is not a perfect fit in your mouth, it could be useless. You need a mouth guard that fits perfectly to ensure that your jaws are not allowed to touch.

This means that while it may seem easier to purchase a mouth guard at the local store, come in for an evaluation so that we can fit you for a mouth guard that has the most benefits. If you must get a mouth guard from the store, the best one to choose is the boil-and-bite mouth guard as that appliance is made to be molded to your teeth after being boiled. This will provide a better fit than a standard mouth guard, but will not be as effective as a customized mouth guard made in our lab just for your mouth.

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