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Periodontal Therapy Post-Operative Instructions


While your teeth and gums are numb avoid hot foods and beverages as well as eating, if possible. Be careful not to bite your cheeks, tongue or lips.

Numbness may continue for several hours following periodontal therapy depending on your metabolism. If numbness persists longer than 6 hours please let us know.


Once the numbness has subsided sensitivity should be minimal. A warm salt water rinse and ibuprofen will help decrease inflammation and aid the healing process.

Cold sensitivity is common once layered tarter deposits have been removed from the tooth and root surfaces. Sensitivity to heat and air is also common and is usually temporary. If cold sensitivity persists more than a few weeks, we recommend routine fluoride applications that are either prescribed or applied in the office. Sensitivity toothpaste can also be helpful. Avoid whitening and tarter control toothpastes as they can contribute to sensitive teeth.


Plaque control is of utmost importance in ensuring the success of periodontal therapy. Resume your homecare routine as soon as possible following therapy. Brush at least twice daily for 2 minutes and floss at least once daily preferably before bed. Use any other homecare tools/techniques recommended by your hygienist. A daily non-alcohol antibacterial rinse is also beneficial.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing certain areas, try something else. There are many different oral hygiene aids available. The primary goal is to remove or disrupt as much bacterial plaque as possible so the gums can heal, shrinking the pockets and creating a healthy environment free from infection.


Following your initial therapy, we will conduct a tissue check in 4-6 weeks to evaluate healing by measuring the pockets and tissue response. Based on your individual progress, we will determine whether to schedule a 3 or 4 month periodontal maintenance program. Routine periodontal maintenance visits along with diligent homecare, are the two most crucial factors in achieving periodontal disease remission and health.

The above information is provided for your well-being. Please follow the instructions closely and if any concerns arise, please contact our office at (509) 822-2079.
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